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Duration: 6 weeks
Cost: $320 

Age Group: 8-16 weeks of age (Critical Period) If your dog is over 16 weeks please contact us prior to booking.  
Location: Riverstone Veterinary Hospital

159 Garfield Road East Riverstone NSW 2765 


If your booking multiple pups in please do them individually as they each need a form for their  individual spot and also need a individual booking form. Please ensure who ever books in and provides their bookings details are the primary handler of the dog 

Your kit that is included in your course includes the following:

• Stylish hound lead 
•A pack  of treat samples from Puppy Porium
• 1 Nexguard Spectra 
• Tug toy 
•  Puppy Booklets including access to our private student facebook support group. Information on suppliers and access to all discount codes. 
• Weekly homework notes emailed after every class 

    Pup2Dog Puppy Preschool classes are designed to set owners and their new puppies up for success. This program heavily focuses on the early development of puppies, socialisation & preventing unwanted behaviours from developing.
    The Puppy Preschool program consists of 1 theory lesson followed by 5 practical lessons.
    The theory lesson is a dog-free lesson where you will learn all you need to know about training and management which allows the rest of the program to focus on practical skills.

    Each session goes for 1 hour and is consistent each week.
    Example:  If you book Monday at 6 pm, then you have the same day and time every week. 6pm start - 7pm finish. 

    Please note we advise you to ensure you can commit to all 6 classes as we are in high demand and we don't have time slots available for catching up in person. We can phone consult to catch up. 

    If you enrol and can’t commit to the classes this is at your own accord we can’t work around clients who choose to drop out or can no longer attend due to their own choices or lifestyle. 

    As stated emailed notes will still be sent and phone consults to catch clients up is all we can offer unless a client chooses to book and pay the 1 hour sessions for 1 on 1 training but times and dates are limited.

    Topics Covered in Classes:
    • Crate training / Prevention of separation anxiety
    • Obedience
    • Lead walking puppy introduction 
    • Toileting routine
    • Biting / Tug games
    • Recall
    • Impulse control
    • Place/Mat target
    • Prevention of resource guarding
    • Enrichment/Mental stimulation
    •  body handling & grooming preparation
    • Desensitizing dogs to noises / surfaces / objects
    • Preventing & managing destructive behaviours
    • Troubleshooting common household issues
    • Confidence building and setting up for success.


    This course is designed to get you kickstarted with having a puppy and establishing a good routine and relationship on foundations prior to getting into more structured obedience and distraction work once they finish their critical period.