Kirsten is the owner and head trainer at Pup2Dog Training. 

With over 10 years experience in the industry Kirsten continues to work towards gaining more knowledge in different fields of the industry and working along side other professionals to continue building more education to pass on to her clients. 
At Pup 2 Dog training we like to welcome all owners and create a safe learning environment for all clients with different backgrounds and are passionate at finding ways to work with your dog that aligns with you goals and needs. 
Kirsten has 3 dogs in total and you often will see them around for demonstrations and often utilised in 1 on 1 services for reactivity cases and confidence building for dogs who need the stability of a neutral adult dog in a controlled environment  before venturing out into the real world. 

• International Guide Dog Federation Certified Guide Dog Trainer
• Cert IV in Companion Animal Service
• Cert II & III in Animal Studies