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Duration: 6 weeks
Cost:  $350+GST 
Age Group: 4 months to adulthood 
Location: Riverstone Veterinary Hospital.

159 Garfield road east Riverstone 2765 NSW 

Introduction week is the first week as owners only and as we do introduction inside we can only allow 1 person per dog who is fully masked inside our puppy room for the introduction lesson.

Your kit that is included in your course includes the following :

• Stylish hound collar/ lead set or car seat belt (pending what I have in stock at the time)

• Tug Toy 

• Stylish Hound Poo bags and a pack of treat samples from Puppy Porium

•  Information Booklets including access to our private student facebook support group. Inflammation on suppliers and access to all discount codes. 

Pup2Dog Adolescent/Adult classes are designed for the everyday dog and owner. Whether you’re having issues with your teenage dog or simply want to teach your old dog some new tricks, this is the class for you.

The adolescent/Adult program consists of 1 theory lesson followed by 5 practical lessons. The theory lesson is a dog-free lesson where you will learn all you need to know about training and management which allows the rest of the program to focus on practical skills.

Topics Covered in Class
• Obedience foundations 
• Lead walking/reactivity 
•  Impulse control games
• Recall / Long line mechanics 
• Door/household manners 
• Place/Mat target / Crate Training
• Prevention of resource guarding
• Enrichment & Mental stimulation
• body handling & grooming preparation including muzzle/cup free shaping 
• Preventing & managing destructive behaviours
• Troubleshooting common household issues
• How to set up training environments to help your dog succeed. (3 D’s) 
• And loads more!

Please note we advise you to ensure you can commit to all 6 classes as we are in high demand and we don't have time slots available for catch up in person. We can phone consult to catch up. 

If you can’t commit to the whole course and ongoing training and ensuring you complete your home work each week we STRONGLY advise you to only join when you can. 

If your dog is currently displaying high levels of human or dog reactivity or aggression then you will need to contact us to arrange a private consult as we do have criteria for dogs joining group classes with other dogs and owners. If you are unsure if your dog is suitable contact us to arrange a FREE assessment.

These classes are in no way suited for any dog or human aggression.