Kirsten is the owner and head trainer at Pup2Dog Training. She first fell in love with dog training at the age of 12 when training with the family’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Forest. Together, Kirsten and Forest went on to compete in agility trials and her passion for dog training grew. From then on Kirsten was determined to make her passion into a career and use her skills and knowledge to help other people. Kirsten now uses her in depth knowledge of dog behaviour and training to teach pet dog owners how to understand & train their furry companions while also working full time as a Guide Dog Trainer at Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. She is also the proud dog mum of two Border Collies named Jinx & Rev who are often seen assisting in classes and consultations.



• International Guide Dog Federation Certified Guide Dog Trainer

• Cert IV in Companion Animal Service

• Cert II & III in Animal Studies


Danni started her career in the animal industry 15 years ago when she started working at the Guide Dogs NSW/ACT training centre at Glossodia. Here she honed her skills and expertise in the behaviour and socialisation of dogs, specialising in the development of puppies.


• Loves teaching others and is passionate about giving puppies and their owners the best start and setting them up for success.


• Works full time as a registered Occupational Therapist, while working as a trainer with KP2D focusing on the critical period of learning with pups and their families.


• Proud mum of Dozer the Boerboel and her three horses Stormie, Whiskey, and Lola.