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Cost: $250 for 1 dog , extra $50 for additional dogs. Repeat consults $150 after initial consult. 
Deposit: Pay in full prior to arrival via bank transfer, or COD.
Duration: Up to 2 hours.

 Home consult is where I come to the home we discuss the topics your need support with and go through some training strategies together and management strategies and follow that up with a training plan you as their owner will be responsible for implementing alongside our support.

Home consults are not a one-session fix, we can discuss how many sessions we think your dog may need after the initial consult. We can also assess them if you are interested in group classes or ongoing 1 on 1 training sessions after the initial consult a plan will be set up on what you and your dog need and will benefit from.

To clarify, I come to train the owners, not the dog. I will be hands-on in some cases but I don’t come to train your dog and leave as it’s very important you learn the skills and strategies at the end of the day it’s your dog and you are living together. I demonstrate and support the owners with the handling skills and use a demo if need be.


If your dog shows human aggression dog will need to be muzzled prepped or have barriers in place for an initial consultation for safety.

Dog Aggression cases in public space or wanting to utilise my personal dogs for one on one will only be allowed under myself if the dog is muzzled for safety for insurance purposes. 

We help you with muzzle conditioning :) 

Hill’s district, Hawkesbury, Riverstone, and surrounding suburbs. 

Please note: If your dog is not suitable for any reason and may require a vet behaviourist you will be fully refunded with a recommendation plan for the next steps for you and your dog.

We are not taking any more bookings until 2022.

Consults in 2022 will be limited and only available on Fridays.